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kas nom bIQ-oil Separator

kas nom bIQ-oil Separator oil jejlaw' compressed, bIQ 'ej Hoch wo' intercept principle Cyclone separator je coalesce filter 2nd purification pat Qap qaStaHvIS wa', vegh


zhejiang yuanda jejlaw' Separation luch co., Ltd wa' 'oH yor patlh jungwoq kas nom bIQ-oil separator manufacturers, suppliers 'ej exporters, vaj kas nom bIQ-oil separator targhHom veDDaq noch laSvargh seller 'ej je', nuqneH Hot tlhab maHvaD contact nab SoH.

kas nom bIQ-oil Separator
working principle

oil compressed jejlaw', vegh cyclone, inertial impaction je gravitational settling, separation bIQ 'ej Hoch wo' intercept cyclone separator je coalesce filter 2nd purification pat qaStaHvIS wa', puS 98 vatlhvI' bIQ compressed jejlaw' teqlu'pu' dust je.
technical De'
+ vum joH rop: 0.4 ~ 1.0mpa (1.0 ~ 3.0mpa lupoQ).
+ inlet Hat: ≤50℃
+ SIp tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch chev Rate: ≥98 vatlhvI'
+ Loss joH rop: ≤0.02mpa

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