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voQSIp lIngwI' Cost 'eS

voQSIp lIngwI' Cost 'eS

toH HaD 'ej widely applied DeSDu' industrial facilities jenwI'-tlhIv je SoHbogh voQSIp recovery joH rop Qach Adsorption cham voQSIp lIngwI' cham jejlaw'--voQSIp production ghaH adsorption mIw qaStaHvIS voQSIp lIngwI' lo'. Qap principle.


joH rop Qach Adsorption chamvoQSIp lIngwI'

toH HaD 'ej widely applied DeSDu' industrial facilities jenwI'-tlhIv je SoHbogh voQSIp recovery cham jejlaw'--voQSIp production ghaH adsorption mIw qaStaHvIS voQSIp lIngwI' lo'.

waw' Qap principle voQSIp lIngwI' adsorption cham utilizing ghaH adsorption rates featured Sar SIp mixture 'ay' HuvHa' joH rop Hat 'ej factors dependence. jawbe' voQSIp adsorption poch Sar Segh, broadest application tu' joH rop Qach adsorption (psa) poch qo'-tev.

vIlopQo' jay' 39 systemand s; waw' chut lulajpu'bogh SIp regeneration adsorption adsorbent 'ej regulation by means of joH rop qaStaHvIS cha' adsorber – adsorbent-Sev Duj choH. Hat choHbe' mIw vIHechbogh, close to ambient poQ mIw. je mIw lIng voQSIp pong DeSDu' wovbe'-muD joH rop, poch poStaHvIS rIn adsorbent regeneration DeSDu' below-muD joH rop.

consists Qach adsorption mIw qaStaHvIS cha' adsorbers Hoch cha' mIw, qet yInob. legh adsorption mIw yInSIp, diffuse h2o co2 'ej molecules vaj pore tlham adsorbent chalvaD HeS leng vegh adsorber – adsorbent-Sev Duj chaw' voQSIp molecules. DeSDu' regeneration mIw released adsorb 'ay' vo' adsorbent yIb muD. vaj boq'egh jatlhqa' mIw.

qatlh psa voQSIp lIngwI' wutlh?

jen voQSIp tlhIv je SoHbogh

jenwI'-tlhIv je SoHbogh voQSIp vo' jejlaw' pat membrane baS unable DuHIvDI' – woDDI' 99.9995 vatlhvI' voQSIp production chaw' psa voQSIp lIngwI' poch. chaq je ensured voQSIp tlhIv je SoHbogh pong cryogenic pat, 'ach considerably vI'Iprup Qatlh 'ej justify neH pong yIteb consumption muq. cms (carbon molecular sieve) cham DanoHmeH taH supply ultra jen tlhIv je SoHbogh voQSIp lIng 'ej lupoQ ta' je internal compressors pagh Hutlh voQSIp lIngwI'.

'eS Qap costs

pong out-of-date jejlaw' substitution 50 vatlhvI' largely exceed separation poch voQSIp production savings. [citation nIS]

net cost voQSIp lIng voQSIp lIngwI' significantly puqvaD voQSIp bal pagh liquefy cost.

qup mup chenmoH voQSIp lIngwI' Environment

voQSIp SIp generating sustainable, environmentally friendly 'ej voQSIp SIp QaD HoS nom ghoS DuHIvDI' watlh, Say'. taHtaHghach HoS cryogenic jejlaw' separation poch HoS nIS 'ej tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch voQSIp vo' poch facility 'ej nIS qup HoS natlh 'ej SIp greenhouse Hop fewer chenmoH voQSIp generate.

qatlh yuanda psa voQSIp lIngwI' wutlh?

technical Features

1). pneumatic valves, DughajmoH yIn lo' puS 3 'uy' poH;

2). controller ghun siemens PLC val, ngeD 'ej ngaDmoH yo'SeH;

3). airflow distribution chenmoH pImbe'DI'; specific inert ceramic QujmeH moQ diffusion cham adsorption efficiency adsorbent Dub;

4). self-raD cylinder compress jan (Patent ghobe': zl-200820168079.9) lo' QaD yIn carbon molecular sieve;

5.) original centrifugal vibration chaw'nIS (Patent ghobe': zl-200820168078.4) effectively 'aqroS muq chaw'nIS ensure.

1) tlhIv: je SoHbogh 95-99.9999 vatlhvI'
2) capacity: 5-8000nm3 ghap h
3) joH rop: 0-0.8mpa (1.0 ~ 15.0mpa je lupoQ)
4) dew lang:-45 qechmeyDaj Huj--70

chay' prompt quotation Suq

wej hesitate mail ngeH maHvaD.tlha' dat.

1) n2 flow rate: ___nm3 ghap hr

2) n2 tlhIv je SoHbogh: ___ vatlhvI'

3) n2 discharge joH rop: ___bar

4) voltages Se' je: ___v ghap ph ghap hz

5) voQSIp Application.

voQSIp lIngwI' applications

Soj beverage 'ej industries

lIng joq naH ghomchoH Soj beverages pagh 'ej naH yob, pup aging mIw until naQmoH wanI'mey ragh products. luH ghu'vam bacteria latlh yagh je. DanoHmeH lIngwI' products n2 'ej QuQ lel yInSIp 'ej product lifetime prolongs significantly SeH pagh, qatlh Hach yagh SoD. novpu' nejtaH laH eliminated pagh mev chemical degradation Soj luH oxidation.

analytical chemistry

voQSIp lIngwI' poQlu' Sar chenmoH Analytical chemistry such as spectrometry chromatography – MaQa' tIn mInDu'Daj 'ej boch 'ej SIp chromatography nuqDaq ngaDmoH 'ej taH supply voQSIp 'oH 'ut.

aircraft andamp; nguSDI' vehicle jIDoy'be'

naH jajmeymaj jejlaw' 78 vatlhvI' voQSIp, chaw'nIS jIDoy'be' aircraft HochHom je voQSIp, 'ej law' jIDoy'be' je automotive vIrurqu'law' voQSIp lIngwI' jIDoy'be' chaw'nIS, tank voQSIp 'utmo' Dujvam QaD. pIj bIQ ghaj compressed jejlaw' tank neH 'oH 'e' vo' muD bIQ vapor condensing neH tank qaSpu'DI' jejlaw' compressor mej. je, ralqu'nIStaH ngaDmoH joH rop tuj 'ej [citation nIS] cooled leH jatlh 'ej jatlh [citation nIS] voQSIp 'e' molecule weghbogh (109.76 pm) jIDoy'be' permeate je Hergh je o2 rut; vaj doesnand vIlopQo' jay' 39 [citation nIS] (120.74 pm) 'ej Argon.

chemical 'ej petrochemical industries

primary 'ej SoHvaD application chemical 'ej petrochemical industries voQSIp provision inert environment, DeSDu' Sa' vanglu'Qo'DI' industrial ensuring during Say' 'eb 'ej So'meH mIw Duj protection Qeq. ram, lo' voQSIp pipelines joH rop waH, Duy chemical transportation, 'ej lo' catalysts neH technological mIw regeneration.


qaStaHvIS electronics, qo'vaD voQSIp manufacture semi-conductors electric circuits, 'ej tuj treatment rIn products, ben law' jatlh 'Iv 'ej Say' antioxidant.

HIvje' industry

qaStaHvIS production HIvje', voQSIp tob law' cool Duy bow oven electrodes, oxidation inhibitor during mIw mIw, Hoch law' jejlaw' nom cooler.


voQSIp generally utilizes baS industry je qej baS ferrous 'ej QI'yaH-ferrous QaD during annealing. je, voQSIp neH vIq Hol industry mIw neutral: HoSnIS, cementing, let brazing, stress Son, cyanide hardening, baS 'och tIq sintering je extrusion Hegh cooling QaHjaj ghu'.

rItlh-'ej-varnish industry

voQSIp lo' rItlh varnish 'ej production inert environment qaStaHvIS mIw Duj vanglu'Qo'DI' lulIngmeH creation, ben law' yInSIp displacement during packing in order to bot drying oils polymerization.

petroleum industry

pa' petroleum industry, voQSIp indispensable 'ay' qaStaHvIS mI' mIw. rav commonly lo' voQSIp inert environment explosions bot 'ej qul vanglu'Qo'DI' chenmoH je transportation hydrocarbons Qay 'ej Qutlh. additionally, lo' voQSIp pipeline waH purging, technological Duj Say' 'ej liquefy SIp carriers hydrocarbon storage facilities 'ej Say'.

pharmaceutical industry

pa' pharmaceutical industry, application tu' voQSIp reH pharmaceuticals packaging 'ej ensuring against explosion qul 'ej vanglu'Qo'DI' pa' nuqDaq lo' rup ghomHa' substances activities.

hypoxic jejlaw' qul prevention pat

DanoHmeH voQSIp lIngwI' neH hypoxic jejlaw' qul prevention pat lIng jejlaw' je yInSIp 'eS 'a ghIH.

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